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Healthware's Most Read Posts of 2021

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2022 now begins and while we look forward to meeting you at the webinar on our predictions, we would also like to invite you to take a look at the most widely read articles from the year just ended.

Enjoy the reading, have a fantastic new year and keep in touch!

Healthware Therapeutics included in the "Italy Life Sciences Report – 2021 Edition"

(November 22) Our CEO & Founder, Roberto Ascione, was asked to share the uptakes of the digital therapeutics industry and to specifically discuss Healthware's evolution in this scenario.
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Key messages from Frontiers Health 2021

 (November 16) Wrapping up the 2021 edition of the Frontiers Health Global Hybrid conference, Roberto Ascione left his reflections and take home messages.
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Release of "The Future Health" book by our CEO, Roberto Ascione

 (November 15) The Future of Health book, published by Wiley, has been described as "an important, insightful, and comprehensive overview of the past, present, and future of digital health that delves into how the future of medicine is being unlocked, one digital innovation at a time". 
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Tech2Doc, the Digital Health Training and Information Platform for Italian Doctors by ENPAM

 (October 29) The ENPAM Foundation (The Italian National Pension Fund for Doctors and Dentists) recently unveiled its Tech2Doc platform, built to provide training and information on innovation and new technologies to support medical practices.
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Study Says Paginemediche Chatbot Predicted COVID-19 Spikes

 (September 09) Results of a scientific study by Bambin Gesù Hospital in Rome and telehealth startup Paginemediche have been published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.
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An Outlook on Digital Mental Health Trends

(August 05) A conversation with our Head of Digital Therapeutics, Gerry Chillè, around mental and behavioral health trends.
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Inauguration of the DIGITAL HEALTH NEWS & UPDATES digest

 (July 16) We are proud to share the first edition of the DIGITAL HEALTH NEWS & UPDATES booklet by our innovation consultancy, Healthware Labs.
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Digital Therapeutics and Pharma: The Evolution of Partnerships Between Molecules and Software

 (June 07) Some key takeaways from the webinar by Healthware Labs and Plexus Ventures.
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Virtual Reality treatment show significant improvement for Chronic Pain Patients

 (June 16) We are very excited to share the great results of the Orion Corporation Clinical Trial where Healthware was the key R&D partner creating a Digital Therapeutics solution (DTx) for chronic pain patients.
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Navigating the near future: a digital health roadmap for pharma, medical devices and insurance tech

 (April 30) A digital health roadmap for pharma, medical devices and insurance tech in a white paper by Roberto Ascione, Gerry Chillé, Fulvio Fortini, Petteri Kolehmainen, Kristin Milburn, Ariel Salmang and Paul Tunnah.
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Beyond technology: enabling the full potential of AI in healthcare

 (April 28) The white paper explores the topic focusing on the AI applications in healthcare, their feasibility and tomorrow’s potential, and how to enable the introduction and scaling of AI in healthcare.
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Frontiers Health 2020: Acceleration of Digital Health in Action Booklet Now Available!

 (March 16) Together with Frontiers Health, we released a FH2020 report offering an exceptional collection of takeaways from more than 60 sessions curated by global experts.
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Digital Therapeutics, an Opportunity for Italy

 (February 04) On 13 January 2021, the official journal of Smith Kline Foundation, Tendenze Nuove, announced the publication of the white paper "Digital Therapeutics, an Opportunity for Italy", providing the knowledge foundations for the Italian ecosystem to advance on DTx.
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