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Healthware focus on Digital Therapeutics and Digital Health Platforms

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An interview with our CEO, Roberto Ascione by Jessica DaMassa of WTF Health covering the Healthware focus on Digital Therapeutics and Digital Health Platforms and discussing the Importance of execution in digital health innovation and Insights about leadership and change management in the life sciences industry.

Research, Integrate and Deploy DTx: the importance of execution

There is consensus about the importance of this area, but implementing is a lot tougher, because of the complexity in large companies in general and specifically in pharma companies. It is all about generating proof of concepts, trying to extract the learnings from this and figuring out how this can be really operationalized and scaled.

Leadership and change management: a fundamental piece of the innovation journey

Are people ready to integrate the innovation into their business processes? Is leadership supporting it?

Leadership, change management, permission to fail, how you deal with the startup ecosystem, how you educate your customers... how you really navigate through this complexity. It is a mix of many different actions but leadership is really gonna get in there, but the challenge will be how you really go into the day-by-day. It is a call to action to meaningfully experiment but no longer in isolation.
[Company] Culture will play a significant role in this.

Video footage courtesy of Jessica DaMassa, copyright WTF Health, 2018
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