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Healthcare transformation booklet: a sneak preview

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It seems that when we hear and read about digital healthcare innovations and technologies the recurring words are “human” and “people”. These concepts also formed an element common to all tracks of the Frontiers of Interaction 2015 event: Fintech, Retail and Health.

Compared to a few years ago when we used to talk about interfaces, technology, when we thought we would all become cyborgs, today, while we are still talking about interfaces, those are designed and built to empower and augment humans: from quantified self to wellness, from diagnosis to treatment, from prevention to patient-physician relationship.

Digital technologies are enabling humans to follow the transformation that those innovations are revolutionizing in all industries, including healthcare, through the increasing adoption of digital health solutions, such as mobile health, apps, wearable, Internet of Things, online communities, sensor technologies, telemedicine, electronic medical records and others.

The human being has always been at the center of innovation technologies, however, the shift I sense is happening is deeper and seems to be connected with the increased level of integration of those technologies in our lives, it is becoming “organic” like behavior, a genetic trait, a disease.
This is what we mean by transformation at Healthware and what we have been celebrating at the recent Frontiers event.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the video recap of the Health Track and stay tuned for our upcoming booklet re healthcare transformation.

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