15/12/2020 | BlogPost

Have you checked your brand’s temperature?

Elena Pirofalo | Head of Experience, Healthware International


In today’s fast-paced world how do you make sure your brand messages resonate with your customers and, if they do, how can your brand become even more remarkable?

These questions have always been relevant for healthcare communications, but the new world in which we all find ourselves have made them particularly pertinent as our customers’ behaviour and needs changed.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic ensures an ongoing state of evolution. Many of the big changes created by the global pandemic have yet to be fully assessed, or even settled into their final shape, and those may still not happen soon.

As communicators, many areas of our business need to be rethought – starting with conferences, education and promotional activities.

In fact, branding itself will need to be revitalised, with new processes and techniques put in place to reframe our conversations and ensure that the messages we create are relevant and useful to our customers.

So, have you taken your brand’s temperature recently? Why not schedule a brand check-up now.




Read the full article by Elena Pirofalo, our Head of Experience, and Paolo Guglielmoni, action copywriter and nerdist philosopher at RADS. Responsive Ads, at www.pharmaphorum.com.

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Elena Pirofalo

Elena is curating the creation of transformational experiences for the healthcare industry. Since the beginning of her career in 2001, Elena has partnered with various stakeholders, such as patients, healthcare professionals and life-science companies, to create impact for modern marketing activities. Today she is also hands on with digital health startup go-to-market and the design of digital therapeutic solutions. An active player in the health innovation ecosystem, Elena has been supporting the Chairman and Steering Committee with the content curation of Frontiers Health since 2015.