17/05/2018 | Booklet

GDPR Compliance for Digital Health Startups

Jovan Stevovic | CEO and co-founder of Chino.io


For digital health companies it’s of fundamental importance to comply with all administrative and technical requirements defined by data protection laws such as the EU GDPR in order to reduce risks for data breaches, losses and other violations of users’ privacy.
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  • Data Analytics
  • Privacy
  • Start-ups
  • Technology
  • User Experience (UX)
Jovan Stevovic

Jovan founded Chino.io in 2014 after spending 5 years in R&D department at the GPI Spa, a large company working in healthcare sector in Italy and working on development of health services considering privacy, security and regulatory compliance requirements. With Chino.io he won different prizes at EU level has been selected as one of most promising Digital Health / Cyber Security startups by the EU Commission (prizes and Seals of Excellence)