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Gartner's 2022 technology trends predictions and how they reflect to healthcare industry

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A report from the Gartner's 2022 technology trends predictions by Petteri Kolehmainen, Managing Director Nordics & Baltics Healthware International.

Gartner just recently introduced their top strategic technology trends for 2022. They are split into three categories: Engineering trust, Sculpting change and Accelerating growth. How do these reflect the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries?

One of the key high level insights from Gartner is that digital is going to be driving more and more business decisions. In 2022, there will be growing investments into digital, with views not only on short term, but also on long term. The trends here are selected as having significant impact for at least 20 % of Gartner’s customers. So how do they reflect on companies working on health? Let’s start by introducing the trends. They can be split into three categories: Engineering Trust, Sculpting Change and Accelerating Growth

To accelerate growth, you need to start by engineering trust. So let’s look at these in more detail.

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