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Future of engagement: digital video in healthcare

Liana D'Ambrosio | Account Executive


The brands connect emotionally with their customers by telling stories and a video is definitely the most effective way to tell a story.
If you think of it, people engage with content that is easy to digest, if not it will result in consumers moving away or just ignoring the content.
A video satisfies people with the information and entertainment they need; all you need to do is see how many people go on YouTube in a month.
The online video trend has been rising for the last few years but now it has become easier than ever to just record and upload a video, have a look at the social networks for example, Facebook and Instagram caught up with their short videos on the newsfeed and now recently also Twitter has gone up to speed.

Videos are now everywhere!

The top 100 global brands are producing, on average, 78 videos per month; with a video, you definitely gain a higher engagement with customers in fact, 80% of people prefer to watch a video rather than to read.

Video is so effective, that it is no longer a nice to have.
But how can video be adequately adopted into the Healthcare Industry?

  • How can you be sure, that when searching for health videos online, you can find trusted, evidence-based medical information?
  • Are Pharmaceutical companies confident on placing videos on non-compliant and unregulated video platforms like YouTube?
  • How can Healthcare brands reach target audiences and measure engagement using video?
  • How can these videos be available in all languages?

These were the main challenges raised during the workshop at Frontiers Health 2015 “Future of engagement: digital video in healthcare”.

While trying to define an end-to-end content strategy for specific brands, the common need that emerged was to seek a secure video hosting platform capable to enhance the engagement with targeted audiences.
The innovative tool meeting all these challenges coming out from Frontiers Health was Videum.
A health video platform that offers brands innovative engagement strategies to reach targeted healthcare audiences on a global scale.

Videum Health is a premium video platform that offers brands innovative engagement strategies to reach targeted healthcare audiences on a global scale.
Videum offers end-to-end content strategy to brands that want to reach and engage with HCPs, patients and carers by condition and specialty, builds brand loyalty by developing new and engaging content in a secured, healthcare compliant environment.

Videum helps you reach your target audience by placing the content on relevant channels and it leverages the engagement through interactive elements, thanks to his partnership with Shaa, a startup focused on innovative advertising and exclusive dedicated interactive videos and photos.

Starting from a traditional video, you can add interactive elements to find out more about the content, enriching it with buttons, clickable infographics and panels.
Not only you can watch an interview of a KOL for example, but also while watching you can instantly click on specific icons to view the biography of the KOL, you can click on the product the KOL is mentioning to gain detailed information, you can access directly to the product website, and you can download useful pdfs.

A great combination of engaging content.

So, what else is there to say?

If a picture is worth a thousand words – what is a video worth?

This is one of the pieces of the Transformation in Healthcare booklet inspired by the Frontiers Health 2015 conference

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Liana D'Ambrosio

Liana works in the Client Engagement team dealing mostly with international clients. Liana supports clients in their decisions, provides consultancy, engages with them on a daily basis so to build a strong relationship with them.