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For great ehealth ideas to reach the market we need to change our mindset

Roberto Ascione | CEO


Today’s Healthcare sector is going through a fundamental transformation around the world and Europe is not an exception. Thanks to Digital Health, we are now witnessing changes that are going to affect the lives of future generation with new methods, innovative digital technologies, robotics, mobile applications, and other transformative solutions currently becoming a part of the world of healthcare.

Yet, despite all these changes, and the fact that the Digital Health industry in Europe represents a promising and actively developing sector, it is still a young field with a host of challenges and problems. Healthcare is a complicated industry since it deals with the crucial issues of people’s mobile applications health and life. It has historically been traditional and conservative, with lots of bureaucracy, and diverse stakeholders involved. Therefore, changing the old rules of the ‘game’ in a blink of an eye constitutes a rather complicated goal. Digital Health is a revolutionary transition that will take time before it is adopted on a regular basis.

To add to the slow growth of the digital health sector in Europe is the low level of investments in eHealth, compared to the US., and funding is fundamental to make this sector’s growth., In 2016 only 20% of the 8.2 billion dollars invested on Digital Health startups happened in Europe, with the majority of the investment going to the US market. Europe has to do a better job in the funding arena to further the development of Digital Health across the continent.

The negative trend in the European eHealth market can be attributed to the fact that Europeans continue to see healthcare as a free service, without the notion of a Health Consumer that is used to paying for healthcare services, which is a common situation in the US.

Nonetheless, innovation and progress in health are still moving ahead, and the trend line generally demonstrates that change is still ongoing in several areas.

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Roberto Ascione

Roberto is a serial entrepreneur and global thought leader in digital health. With 20 years of experience he has been focusing on marketing and communications, business transformation and innovation in health and wellness.

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