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eHealth Facts 2010...

Tiziana La Bruna | Media Strategy Director


eHealth Facts December 2010

  • 2010 Year in Health: WebMD present s the top Health issue of the Year
  • Europeans are very interested in Online Patient Education Programs
  • European Physicians vs. US Physicians
  • P&G is using social media to support Prilosec

eHealth Facts November 2010

  • Pharma and Facebook: a Quarter of Comments on the Largest Facebook Communities for Diabetes Patients are Promotional – according to a new study
  • Mobile Health 2010
  • Pfizer is Using Social Media to Launch a Campaign for Better Care of People Suffering from Chronic Pain: "Can you Feel my Pain?"

eHealth Facts October 2010

  • 39% of Healthcare Professionals Use Facebook
  • Physician Use of Mobile Medical Textbooks
  • Pharma Company and Pharma Manager Use of Social Media

eHealth Facts September 2010

  • Physicians online usage varies by specialty, not by age
  • European Physician Adoption of Advanced Mobile Activities continue to increase
  • Physicians and medical IPhone application
  • Pharmaceutical Brands and Seo

eHealth Facts July - August 2010

  • "Cyberchondriacs" on the rise – The number of people who go online for healthcare information continues to increase
    Physicians & iPads
  • What Percentage of Health Care Providers Recommend Health Websites to Patients?
  • Pet Health Spending in US to Surpass $33 Billion in 2014

eHealth Facts June 2010

  • 72% of Physicians own a smartphone. Apple platform surpasses Blackberry in physician market penetration
  • Mental Health and Oncology related searches account for almost half of visits related to pharma sites
  • 82% of Physicians expect online customer service from pharma
  • Health inquiries from users have an impact on decisions or actions and there are clearly more positive experiences than negative ones

eHealth Facts May 2010

  • Nine of 10 Women Online Seek Health Information via Web
  • Health Video, the top resource for 50% of ehealth users
  • Branded Websites are the most effective on-line marketing tactic for pharmaceutical marketers
  • Health
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