28/03/2023 | Booklet

Download the Expert Opinion on "Digital Therapeutics to enhance the care pathways for depression across the national health service: expert proposals for Italy”


An analysis carried out by a multistakeholder panel coordinated by Alberta M.C. Spreafico, Global Head of Digital Health & Innovation at Healthware Group, and Fabrizio Starace, Director of the Department of Mental Health and Pathological Dependencies of the AUSL of Modena.

The document describes five expert proposals and a possible clinical-organizational process for the integration of Digital Therapeutics across depression care pathways in the Italian national health service.

The multistakeholder panel, accounting for unmet needs and recent evidence-based scientific recommendations for the treatment of depression, proposes integrating Digital Therapeutics (DTx) to enhance care-as-usual within the italian national health service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale, SSN) for mild, moderate, and severe depression, as well as for the prevention of relapses and management of subthreshold depression.

The experts also analysed the case study of a DTx indicated for the treatment of unipolar depression or depressive disorders, already accessible and reimbursed in other European countries and supported by substantial clinical evidence (12 Randomized Controlled Trials and a meta-analysis involving over 2900 patients)1, to define a possible clinical-organizational process suitable for the integration, prescription and adoption of DTx in the context of the SSN.

Read the full press release here.


The document is the result of the initiative “Digitally Enhanced Pathway Program (DEEP): Integrating Digital Therapeutics in the Depression Care Pathway in Italy” carried out by Healthware Group with the non-conditional support of Ethypharm Digital Therapy.


  1. Twomey, C., O’Reilly, G., Bültmann, O. & Meyer, B. Effectiveness of a tailored, integrative Internet intervention (deprexis) for depression: Updated meta-analysis. PLoS One 15, (2020)
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