1/04/2022 | Booklet

Digital Health News & Updates #2: Key Digital Health Updates You Need to Know


We are glad to share with you the second edition of the DIGITAL HEALTH NEWS & UPDATES booklet.

As you might remember from the first edition, this booklet represents a curated collection of some of the biggest digital health news. This time we are looking back into 2021 and also tapping into the Frontiers Health 2021 Conference content - a wealth of knowledge on many key digital health perspectives.

We know how busy health innovators are. We know it’s very difficult to keep track of the news and watch all the sessions at engaging events such as Frontiers Health!

Sometimes one needs to take a breath and have a look back to see things from a wider perspective. Hence, we invite you to do so with the help of the Digest. In this edition you will learn:

  • why we can’t just replicate healthcare digitally and expect better results (explained by Jeff Dachis, OneDrop)
  • the advantages big tech companies have, compared to large pharma (explained by Ming-Sung Sean Kim, Digital Health Ventures)
  • how to avoid ‘death valley’ for DTx startups (explained by Pierre Leurent, Voluntis)
  • what the future of health will look like (explained by Roberto Ascione, Healthware Group)
  • and much more!

You will find the summary of the 2021 digital health updates with comments from Healthware Labs & additional resources together with Frontiers Health 2021 Key Takeaways and DTx Project Snapshot.

We hope you find the digest helpful and would love to get your feedback. Stay tuned for further updates!


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