10/03/2020 | BlogPost

Coronavirus: a tipping point for telemedicine

Sara Scarpinati | Marketing & Communications Manager


The coronavirus has widely spread across the globe in the past months

What we foresee is the rise of telemedicine and digital health tools to keep the so-called "worried well" from flooding hospitals.

The World Health Organizations and the ECDC recommend and encourage the use of telemedicine apps. Startups and health insurer are offering digital services to public users in order to avoid a run to the health care system.

The development of Digital Health tools, and apps more in general, is a concrete example of the role that new technologies can play in facilitating the relationship between doctors and patients. Receiving valuable feedback, in real time, becomes important in critical situations, such as the emergency of the new Coronavirus in which it is extremely necessary to avoid alarmism and fake news.




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Sara Scarpinati

Graduated in Classics, after a short but intense work experience in London, Sara arrives in Healthware in 2011 as Content Coordinator and deals with international and Italian projects, in close collaboration with the Creative team, and with a fondness for Social Networking and blogging.