28/04/2021 | Booklet

Beyond technology: enabling the full potential of AI in healthcare


This article is part of the 'INNOVAZIONE e-SALUTE' booklet, curated in collaboration with AiSDeT (Associazione Italiana di Sanità Digitale e Telemedicina) and edited by Edizioni Kalós.

Authors from our team at Healthware International:

  • Alberta Spreafico, Stakeholders & Innovation Strategy Director
  • Alessandro Fulgheri, Head of Strategy
  • Gabriel Scali, Partner - Chief AI Scientist

Demographic and epidemiological shifts have long called for a digital health transformation able to enhance healthcare quality, accessibility, and sustainability.
The COVID-19 pandemic has unprecedently accelerated the awareness, development and adoption of digital health solutions and services, generating widespread acknowledgement of its value-adding capabilities.
Amongst high-potential technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), integrated in support of human decisions and processes, stands to be one of the most significant enablers of healthcare innovation and of the evolution towards a value-based, person-centered, predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory model of care.

However, technological innovations are enablers, requiring complementary advances in the organizational, regulatory, social, and cultural infrastructure to be effectively integrated, scaled and put at the service of humanity.
This is decidedly the case for an innovation as powerful as AI applied to a field as uniquely impactful on people’ lives as healthcare. High-stakes medical decisions and health applications require a governance able to support innovation and yet provide adequate oversight to guarantee safety and efficacy, as well as acceptability and long-term adoption.

The white paper explores the topic focusing on the AI applications in healthcare, their feasibility and tomorrow’s potential, and how to enable the introduction and scaling of AI in healthcare.

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