15/09/2020 | Point of view

Awaited Digital Healthcare Act Pilots from Germany: How Has Their Journey Been So Far?

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And how the recently adopted law promotes Germany as the top destination for the international digital health startups.

The latest news about the Germany’s Digital Healthcare Act (DVG) allowing the reimbursement of digital health solutions by statutory insurance funds is all over the media space. Since the adoption of the law in the late 2019 we have been discussing its implications for all the actors of the healthcare systems, especially for the patients and startups.
Now, in September 2020, we are already expecting the first cohort of Digital Health startups (15 of them and more to come) to get approved for operations under the Act in Germany.

The Digital Health Global blog team has decided to learn about the objectives and aspirations of the startups. In order to provide a comprehensive insight on the DVG implementation, they talked to three startups from different areas (digital therapeutics for chronic diseases, connected devices and mental health) and different countries (two local ones from Germany and an international startup from Estonia).

Read the full article by Anastasiya Markvarde, our Sr Innovation Manager & Business Development, at www.digitalhealthglobal.com

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