26/01/2023 | Point of view

An update on the DiGA reimbursement in Germany

Alberta Spreafico | Managing Director Digital Health Innovation & Strategy


Germany now has 40 Digital Health solutions that fit into the definition of a DiGA and that are made accessible to HCPs and patients through statutory health insurance reimbursement.

Below are some highlights from our Digital Health & Innovation Strategy team: 

  • Uptake and Growth: DiGA prescriptions tripled from 2021 to 2022 and over 80% of patients convert prescriptions into access - targeted strategies are still very needed for continuous scale-up and adoption, but uptake is growing;
  • Market Concentration & Competitive Advantage: the top three manufactures now make up for 40% of total DiGAs and the top-5 DiGAs make up for 61% of prescriptions – economies of scale for early entrants are typical of a software-based product and market;
  • Median Price: €552 reflecting clinical evidence and value, though prices range also based on license type and usage indications;
  • Value Assessment: sound clinical evidence is required and is amongst the main cause of revoked authorization - ~1/3 of solutions achieved permanent reimbursement with solid clinical evidence but timely access is also encouraged through the fast-track, enabling 25 solutions to be accessible while still requiring them to generate value evidence within 12-months;
  • Therapeutic Areas: DiGAs are covering an increasing number of therapeutic areas, enhancing usual care;
  • Tech: DiGAs are not just apps but as certified (class I and IIa), clinically validated digitally-driven primarily in the hands of patients, they also include web-based applications.

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Alberta Spreafico

Alberta is a senior strategy director and management consultant with over a decade of international experience in the health and life sciences sector, focusing on generating value through the systemic integration of digital health innovations. She currently serves as Managing Director, Digital Health & Innovation at Healthware Group, overseeing the evolving digital health strategic, evidence and policy landscape and developing programs for the integration of digital health services across care pathways in collaboration with all key stakeholders.