19/03/2020 | BlogPost

Achieving patient centricity in a digital health world

Elena Pirofalo | Head of Experience, Healthware International


Patient centricity is always a hot topic in pharma, as shown by last year’s Frontiers Health event in Berlin, when a session dedicated to the theme once again had standing room only.

This is easy to understand because, although it involves multiple actors along the care journey, the patient really is at the centre of health management, care, communication and education.

The panel session, Patient-Centricity and Digital Innovation, was moderated by Denise Silber, CEO of Doctors 2.0 Event Consultancy, and explored the natural connection between patient-centricity and digital health.

To do this it looked at the experiences of empowered patients, pharma companies who involve patients in the ideation process for projects and start-ups that solve specific healthcare problems. It also explored our own commitment at Healthware to support conversations among all players and offer innovative tools that address real patient needs.

A patient story

When we first talked to Denise about the topics for her session at Frontiers Health, she asked each of us panellists to tell a story about being patients ourselves, before doing our presentations. This was no easy task.

The excitement of having the chance to share my ideas on how digital health innovation can have a role in patient centricity somehow faded away and was replaced by a sense of frustration when thinking of my own real-life experience.

There was no time to talk about it on stage in Berlin, but I would like to do so now, not only because it is connected to the topic of this article, but also because sometimes patients need to tell their stories.

“The excitement of sharing my ideas on how digital health can have a role in patient centricity was replaced by a sense of frustration when thinking of my own real-life experience”


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Elena Pirofalo

Elena is curating the creation of transformational experiences for the healthcare industry. Since the beginning of her career in 2001, Elena has partnered with various stakeholders, such as patients, healthcare professionals and life-science companies, to create impact for modern marketing activities. Today she is also hands on with digital health startup go-to-market and the design of digital therapeutic solutions. An active player in the health innovation ecosystem, Elena has been supporting the Chairman and Steering Committee with the content curation of Frontiers Health since 2015.