12/09/2022 | Booklet

Achieving digital enlightenment in 2023 and beyond


A white paper by Ariel Salmang, MD at EVERSANA INTOUCH International, and Paul Tunnah, Chief Content Officer & MD UK Healthware

As evolving technologies and societal changes continue to push the use of digital channels and media, the reality is that healthcare professionals, patients and other key stakeholders are increasingly ‘digital natives’, who expect new ways of interacting.

However, leveraging the full potential of evolving technologies requires a conscious choice and clear commitment to customer experience in an increasingly digital world, where companies proactively favor active digital enlightenment rather than passive digital adoption.

Committing to change across the entire business is the best option to navigate this under-utilized territory, and by focusing on how technology can help deliver what customers need, companies can accelerate lasting change that supports customer engagement and the broader healthcare landscape.

In this booklet, Healthware experts present an essential guide toward digital enlightenment. Alongside personal recommendations, they discuss the most important elements needed to create engaging and impactful digital content.

Keep a look out for more details on our webinar where we will further discuss digital enlightenment in life sciences. Join us to learn more about how companies can thrive in 2023 and beyond. *Official date and time to be determined.

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