5/03/2020 | Point of view

A Person-centric healthcare told by Fulvio Fortini

Fulvio Fortini | Managing Director


How is health tech facilitating health care? What's the role of digital therapeutics in helping personalised medicine to reach its full potential?

Fulvio Fortini, Managing Director at Healthware International, is answering to these and more questions on the connected care in his point of view on last year’s 2025: La Salute che verrà [2025: the future health] report from Farmindustria,the leading Italian pharmaceutical association.




  • Consumer centric design
  • Digital health
  • Digital health revolution
  • Digital Health Transformation
  • Digital Therapies
Fulvio Fortini

Born in Libya and raised in Italy, Fulvio began his career working in the family business and pursuing university studies in law. In 1999 he started working in Healthware as CFO, later becoming CEO of the Italian division. With great interest in both sport and the quantified-self movement, he believes that the progress of digital technology can support health and wellness, and improve health care at the same time. His passions led Fulvio to become one of the pioneers of the digital revolution in healthcare.