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3 reasons why a Pharmaceutical Company should be on Social Media

Stefano Vitta | Strategy and Development, Healthware Engage


The Healthcare sector is undergoing a radical transformation due not only because of the impact of new technologies in developing new products and therapies, but also because of how these are changing the habits of those who, in addition to being professionals, who are, first of all, people.

It shifts the focus from the single product towards the overall outcome of the therapy, extending the importance of the opinion of many more people than before. And, in saying this, I'm not just referring to the patient.

The digital revolution is increasing the amount of information to which people are exposed, even when they are not at work.

According to the Global Digital Report 2018 there are more than 34 million Italians on social media and of these almost 30 million also use mobile technology. This is more than half of the population, and it is clear that among these are many health professionals, as well as patients and caregivers.

If you think that a doctor, maybe in a moment of relaxation at home after work, who encounters on social networks news or a discussion about his work is able to ignore it, then you can stop reading this post.

Think about how you behave on your social channels.

We are first of all people and after that professionals; we use social networks the same way everyone else does. So here are the three reasons why a company should consider having an organized social media presence.

Winning the battle of attention

As I’ve already said, digital has multiplied the channels and content that we’re exposed to every day. Since the time is a finite resource, the user must make a choice about what’s important.

It is therefore clear that the first you must grab the user’s attention. Creating an ecosystem of organized and functional social channels is imperative, as is keeping a channel active and maximizing the audience.

Activating a channel for a single campaign and abandoning it when it ends is a waste of resources. Always investing in the same channel, considering it as an asset, will continue to expand the audience campaign after campaign.

The most functional approach is to have a single ecosystem of channels managed by the company brand that covers all therapeutic areas.

This simplifies the creation and promotion of content, maximizing the average investment in increasing the audience and improving the ability to analyze the performance of individual content.

Have you already heard about markets and conversations?

People form their opinions through conversations and, as we have seen before, today most of these conversations take place on social networks.

We can ignore them or seize an immense opportunity.

We can learn to listen to these conversations, they give you immediate access to a valuable source of insight to help us understand how your company is perceived and how therapies are experienced by patients and caregivers. Through the monitoring of conversations we can significantly improve our communication and marketing activities and also assess their impact.

Once we have outlined the scenario of the conversations we can begin to participate by positioning ourselves as an authoritative source on the topics of greatest interest; starting to position the brand by opening up to the outside with the aim of building trust.

Trust is essential.

Supporting the internal transformation process

As mentioned above, creating a single ecosystem of social channels is the best way to maximize investment and improve communication and marketing results.

This approach is also important for the internal transformation of a company committed to breaking down silos and promoting synergies between different areas.

The understanding by all stakeholders that the assets are shared (as well as the investment) increases the incentive to participate in the redefinition of models and management processes.

It also highlights possible synergies between areas and encourages the sharing of best practices through the adoption of common languages and shared measurement metrics.

Finally, the company's social presence stimulates employees to take part in it, fostering a sense of belonging.


Once you understand that promotion/information about the product is no longer sufficient to keep constant the engagement on the target, it becomes impossible not to understand social media marketing in your marketing mix.

At the same time it is easy to understand that reaching an adequate maturity in the optimal management of your social channels requires time and a path made of a small milestone of control, measurement and internal sharing.

On this basis, the Healthware Engage team has developed a model designed to accompany companies along this path by offering ongoing support for internal organization activities, defining the strategy and executing all activities to the outside world.

We will be happy to share our experience with you and tell you how we support pharmaceutical companies in organizing their social ecosystem.

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Stefano Vitta

Stefano is an entrepreneur, digital strategist and blogger, for almost 20 years he has loved to experiment and innovate in the digital field with particular interest in the development of online communities and the definition of content marketing strategy.