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2021 Year In Review

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2021 has been a new year of significant milestones for us at Healthware, achieved thanks to the continued support and trust shown by our clients & partners and the commitment of our great team.

We welcomed nearly 50 new Healthwarians from 6 different countries to our family to further support the growth of our company, including Giovanni Loria as Chief Financial Officer and Eugene Borukhovich as Senior Advisor to the Media and Community business unit.

We also formed new strategic partnerships such as the one with The Cancer Institute of Naples (Italy) to promote digital health in oncology, and announced the acquisition of SWM, led by Francis Mahmud Namouk, to help physicians connect to science and learning through creative virtual and hybrid events.

We also actively participated in the building of the future of health by collaborating on the publication of several white papers such as "DTx An Opportunity for Italy and Beyond", co-hosting the  Frontiers Health Global Conference, and releasing the "The Future of Health" book by our CEO, Roberto Ascione.

We would also like to mention the significant efforts in generating scientific and clinical evidence, such as the one for Orion's digital therapeutic software solution for chronic pain, and the contribution to a scientific study by Bambin Gesù Hospital in Rome with telehealth startup Paginemediche, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

In addition, 2021 was an important year for our startup portfolio as witnessed the exit of Patchai and the launch of the first digital health expense account by hi.health.

Read more in our year’s in review post and look forward to continuing to build the future of health together!

Key Hires

Healthware Group Welcomes Yannick Valenti as Digital Strategy and Customer Engagement Director in UK
Global consultancy and digital health company Healthware Group has appointed Yannick Valenti as its Digital Strategy and Customer Engagement Director out of the company’s UK office.
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Healthware International Appoints Paolo Guglielmoni as Head of Experience
Healthware, an international digital health group specializing in strategic consulting, marketing communications, and health technology innovation, has announced Paolo Guglielmoni as its new Head of Experience.
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Healthware Group Announces the Appointment of Giovanni Loria as Chief Financial Officer
Global digital health innovation organization Healthware Group is extremely pleased to announce that it has appointed Giovanni Loria as Chief Financial Officer.
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Healthware Appoints Stefano Cantù as Global Head of Advisory
Healthware Group, a global digital health organization, announces Stefano Cantù as Global Head of Advisory.
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Eugene Borukhovich joins Healthware Group as Senior Advisor
Digital Health veteran Eugene Borukhovich joins Healthware Group as Senior Advisor to the Media and Community business unit.
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Partnerships and M&A

National Cancer Institute, Pascale, embraces digital health with Healthware
The Cancer Institute of Naples, Italy, signs an agreement with Healthware Group to promote and implement innovative solutions and digital technologies in oncology aiming to ensure more precise and accessible treatments to patients.
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Healthware Group and Plexus Ventures Form Alliance to Accelerate Partnerships Between Digital Therapeutics & Pharma
Healthware Group and Plexus Ventures have formed an alliance to structure deals for the pharmaceutical industry in the development and commercialization of DTx products. 
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Healthware Group acquires UK-based SWM
SWM and Healthware join forces to help physicians connect to science and learning
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EVERSANA and our JV partner, Intouch Group, Join Forces
EVERSANA™ and our joint venture partner, Intouch Group®, announced the that they signed an agreement to incorporate Intouch’s industry-leading creative and media services, enterprise solutions and data analytics into EVERSANA’s fully integrated commercialization services platform.
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Top insights and thought leadership

Introducing "Digital Therapeutics, an Opportunity for Italy" - a white paper from the #DTxITA initiative
The book features insights and recommendations from 40 leading experts in the field, including our CEO, Roberto Ascione, and our Head of Science, Elisabetta Ravot.
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Navigating the near future: a digital health roadmap for pharma, medical devices and insurance tech
A white paper by Roberto Ascione,Gerry Chillé, Fulvio Fortini, Petteri Kolhemainen, Kristin Milburn, Ariel Salmang and Paul Tunnah.
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Release of International book: DTx An Opportunity for Italy and Beyond
Originally published in January 2021 for Italian audiences, the international, updated version of "Digital Therapeutics: An Opportunity for Italy and Beyond" is now available in English.
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Announcing the release of "The Future of Health" book by our CEO, Roberto Ascione
We’re thrilled to announce the release of "The Future of Health" book by our CEO, Roberto Ascione.
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Key messages from Frontiers Health 2021
Friday, we closed the 2021 edition of Frontiers Health global conference, the first fully hybrid!
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Roberto Ascione Speaks on Digital Health in Italy and More at Sky TG24 Progress
On November 20th, Roberto Ascione, our CEO and founder, was invited to contribute to Progress, a SkyTG24 broadcasting program on politics, current affairs, and global public discussion.
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Participate in our Blue Box of Good
You may be asking, “What’s the Blue Box of Good?” The answer is: Our logo turned into a blue gift box, to be filled in with good deeds!
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Life sciences predictions for 2022: digital health and transformation accelerates
Every year we look ahead to make sense of how the overall healthcare landscape is changing and the specific challenges our clients are likely to be facing in the year ahead.
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Clinical Evidence

Orion's Clinical Trial Shows Significant Improvement for Chronic Pain Patients Using Virtual Reality Therapy
A novel treatment, a digital therapeutics software solution for Chronic Pain (DTxP), has shown statistically significant benefit over passive (placebo) control.
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Telehealth platform data can provide predictive insights into infection trends and guide covid prevention strategies
Results of a scientific study by Bambin Gesù Hospital in Rome and telehealth startup Paginemediche have been published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.
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Updates from our portfolio companies

Healthware Ventures portfolio company hi.health launches first health expense account in Europe
The Austrian startup hi.health is launching Europe’s first digital health expense account.
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Exit - Patchai, a startup from our portfolio, has been acquired by Alira Health
The company, now part of Alira Health, will continue to advance its technologies to offer scalable and modular solutions for Decentralized Clinical Research and Virtual standard care.
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