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20 years ago, I was in search of a solution...

Roberto Ascione | CEO


OK, it’s July 4th 2017.

20 years ago, I was in search of a solution - how to combine the passion, clearly genetically transmitted by my father (physician but as he often points out, clinician!) with the equally strong passion for computer science, which started age 12 coding the Logo turtle...

While at medical school, surrounded by all analog things, I had a crazy idea, which more or less I remember this way: if I become a (good) physician I will impact a few hundreds of people but if I write software for medicine then this impact can be millions...

OK, that was not existent, nor was anyone (except my family - thanks dad and mum!) encouraging me to pursue.<

July 4th 1997 (health)care + soft(ware) = Healthware was born.

Mission? Simple :) Hacking healthcare, write software to improve anything we saw whether it was physician education or patient empowerment or collecting clinical data.

Easy? No way, but that’s another story!

Over these 20 years as an entrepreneur, then as a manager and then (back) as an entrepreneur I experienced it all; excitement, fear, hope, loneliness - made a zillion mistakes and learned a lot, every day, with much, much more still to be learnt.

I shared this journey with my amazing Team, with some of them we practically grew up together and in fact this morning many are saying ‘happy birthday’ to each other. That says it all.

I am humbled by the loyalty and the dedication of the Healthwarians, by the courage to share a vision that becomes more than a simple job, by the collective realization that baking an app which helps people to manage a condition or simple content which sheds light on something you really need to know, up to an algorithm that cures like a drug, it is an incredible responsibility and, when successful, an even greater reward.

From the very first disease awareness program, through the first iPhone app, up to the first AI application, so much has changed and looks like it is just the beginning.

Along this journey, we have met a lot of clients, partners and colleagues who have contributed to make this possible and today, as a Team, our thoughts are with all of you all over the world who are sending messages or thinking of us.

Altogether, as of today, we will be up for many more years of (digital) healthcare transformation excited to share this journey with old and new friends and partners.

You will find us at healthware20years.com and everywhere bytes are playing with DNA, it’s all about code after all :)

Ah, by the way, I am still searching…I love you all!


Article originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse.

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Roberto Ascione

Roberto is a serial entrepreneur and global thought leader in digital health. With 20 years of experience he has been focusing on marketing and communications, business transformation and innovation in health and wellness.

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