Audience Engagement & Media Management

High impact Media Strategies & data-driven Digital Marketing for all healthcare verticals.

Our award winning work will make your brand pop. We can create any experience across every channel and every device. Whether you’re aiming to reach patients, medical professionals, or just those trying to get healthy, we can design a marketing plan that fits.

We keep our clients on the cutting edge of digital health and help them build & grow innovation practices by looking at old
problems in new ways, and by generating innovative ideas collaborating with our networks' likeminded Open Innovation
partners to launch new products and services that will reshape our industry.


19/11/2019 | Point of view

On spirit, purpose, scale and empathy: first reflections from Frontiers Health 2019

The ultimate goal of digital health is to humanize healthcare by democratizing access, redesigning around the patient and making health bigger than care until we need it.

20/02/2019 | BlogPost

3 reasons why a Pharmaceutical Company should be on Social Media

The Healthcare sector is undergoing a radical transformation due not only because of the impact of new technologies in developing new products and therapies, but also because of how these are changing the habits of those who, in addition to being professionals, who are, first of all, people.

1/10/2018 | BlogPost

Introducing our health innovation space

Since our EU headquarters has moved to Palazzo Innovazione in March 2018, we have also launched the Healthware Life Hub.

6/08/2018 | BlogPost

Getting better is a (digital) game

Can playing a videogame replace a pill? As gamification enters the health sectors, digital therapies promise to change the way we heal. And the role of patients in the process.