Ariel Salmang

Ariel Salmang

Chief Growth Officer, Healthware Group and Managing Director, EVERSANA INTOUCH International

The evolving relationship between technology and the treatment of diseases is transforming our understanding of medicine from a system of sick-care to a connected ecosystem of health-care, based on easy access, better outcomes, and sustainable evolution of a healthier future.


Ariel has over 20 years of providing impactful digital strategies and implementation across multiple industries, from media and FMCG to telecommunications and healthcare, where he has spent the last 10+ years focusing on the digital evolution of pharma companies and the creation of impactful digital brand and sales drivers.

His healthcare experience includes local, regional and pan-regional projects across the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, and LATAM.

During this time he has worked both on individual brands and brand portfolios across all stages of the product life cycle – from launch, through growth, to end-of-life.
His main passion, however, remains driving commercial excellence through enterprise-level digital transformation.

A cross-industry forward thinker, he considers himself a "constructive disruptor" and enjoys living the global commute in search of great ideas & smart solutions.