Meet our Executive Leadership


Digital technology & innovation are the driving forces behind the transformation in healthcare, leading to a world of increasingly relevant, human-sized, solutions to health challenges.

I have spent my life breaking things apart, mixing the pieces up with other things, and creating something totally new from them. This dubious talent often yields delightful results when trying to solve vexing therapeutic challenges in new innovative ways.

After more than 20 years of experience, I am honoured to be one of the front-runners in anticipating and leading the disruption of the healthcare market.

Augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning and other new technologies are going to keep transforming the health industry. With the growth of concepts like Digital Therapeutics, Virtual Clinical Trials and Telehealth, soon there will be no escape from digitalisation in healthcare anywhere.

At Healthware we are building the Future of Health with some ground-breaking ideas that will progressively revolutionise the way people will experience Healthcare. I am proud to be part of of this innovation journey that through the convergence of Technology, Data and Healthcare will help our communites access ever better health outcomes anywhere, anytime.

Music as medicine? Video games as treatment modalities? These are the kinds of things that inspire me about digital health and the future of healthcare.

Maximising the value of virtual & hybrid events relies on disrupting how we engage with healthcare professionals. Employing learning science in combination with creative storytelling and technology allows us to assess their ongoing needs. We use data science to mine these learnings - gaining real insights to deliver unprecedented experiential value.

The evolving relationship between technology and the treatment of diseases is transforming our understanding of medicine from a system of sick-care to a connected ecosystem of health-care, based on easy access, better outcomes and sustainable evolution of a healthier future.

Bringing healthcare together has evolved into bringing healthcare and technology together. The last ten years have been exciting, at times hard, often surprising and always rewarding. I have a feeling the next ten years are going to be in a different league.